Ali AguirreCompuLearn 5 stars

Ali Aguirre
Dive Resorts

The lessons were super good! It was better than I expected. The teacher explains well. He even has personal contact with the students if they have any questions after the lesson. He tries to help with everything. He uses videos to make the lesson interesting, so that we get a different perspective. I have already recommended several acquaintances to take this course.

Jermean KaersenhoutCompuLearn 5 stars

Jermean Kaersenhout

The lesson was very informative. Many topics were new to me. They went deep into the topics. The trainer explains everything well, with structure and an exam training. I recommend taking notes during class. I will definitely recommend acquaintances, family and friends to attend this course. The lessons are very flexible and that of course helps.

Brett ZinckCompuLearn 5 stars

Brett Zinck

The lessons were really good and informative. The trainer was awesome! He knows allot and makes it easy to understand the subjects. If the person is really interested in IT, I would surely recommend this course. This is a good way to immerse in IT.

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