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Our Mission

"To provide the best IT Knowledge to Computer Users, IT Professionals and Business Professionals."


General Information

CompuLearn is an Independent Education Center located on Aruba and is specialized in Business and IT Learning for both Industry and the Consumer Market. We offer several Technical IT and Computer Courses for the IT Professional, Computer User and Business Professional and we have successfully trained and certified many satisfied students since 1998.

Training Methods

Skilled and Certified Lecturers and Trainers, Student-aimed Teaching, the right balance between theory and practice, and excellent Course Material are the pillars for our didactic. Before a new software application enters the market, our product specialists have studied it so they can translate all knowledge into a practical course. In the hands-on training courses you will learn the specifics that you will use on a day to day basis. The courses are divided in modules in which theory and/or practice go hand in hand.

Every participant receives an extended course book with an exercise media link included. This will serve as home study material and as a reference book when the course has ended. When the course is completed every participant will receive a certificate of attendance (Certificate of Achievement). It is also possible to take an official internationally approved exam. Upon successfully completing such an exam you will receive a Certificate of Excellence. We also provide course material and video courses to use after a course is finished.


Course and Testing Opportunities

Open Courses

The Open Courses are offered for all who want to attend a group session led by a professional instructor according to a fixed schedule. In order to give every participant enough personal attention the size of the group for each course is limited to a maximum of 10 persons. In some special cases the maximum group size could be up to 16 students. Typically daily courses are offered from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Evening courses are also available Monday through Friday from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. In some case we organize weekend courses on Saturdays from 10:00 am till 1:00 pm.

In-Company Courses - Made-To-Measure

If you want to train a large group of employees it is possible to let us organize an In-company course for you. We are able to organize a course that is made-to-measure especially for your company's needs. Content and length of the course are being fine-tuned to your company's situation. A special taskforce consisting of a product specialist, a planning specialist, and a course adviser will make sure that you get the right guidance. Company Courses are possible both on-site at your company or at the CompuLearn office.

Virtual Learning Center Courses

In the CompuLearn Virtual Learning Center (VLC) every participant can acquire knowledge at one's own pace and with flexible courses. This modular form of studying is also very suitable to fill the gaps in your existing computer knowledge. The VLC is available to you during normal business hours and is continuously staffed with a professional Instructor to assist you when necessary.

Virtual Learning On-site Courses

Virtiual Learning is also offered on-site at your company. For each individual or group of employees, a special Guided VLC All-in Course, can be designed to meet your company's needs. CompuLearn N.V. will provide the required VLC course material and a professional instructor for the guidance of your employees. Here's is an excellent way to ensure the continuity of your company.

Certified Instructors

The full-time and freelance instructors are very knowledgeable on the latest IT-developments, the newest courses and instructional skills. They research the newest software versions long before a program goes into circulation. At the same time the new software is launched, CompuLearn can provide you with a matching course.

Evaluation and Quality

After a course each participant will be asked to fill in an evaluation form. This feedback is essential to CompuLearn because we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our courses. We value your input as it is important to continuously improve our services.


After Care

For up to one year after completion of the course, you may consult with our Product Specialists without charge. Product Specialists are available to discuss the course subjects or you may re-attend the completed course as many times as you like if available. Call us during office hours from Monday till Friday from 9.30 am till 6.30 pm for a free consultation meeting: +297 588 0313 or send an e-mail.


Besides courses CompuLearn also offers consultancy. This means producing database adjustments, spreadsheet models, taking care of presentations and some programming. CompuLearn can also help you with designing and implementing your Network- and Operating System Infrastructure. We can also assist you with the setup of pilot projects and the deployment and implementation of new software in your company.

CompuLearn course locations and classroom space


The CompuLearn course locations are provided with sufficient parking space.


Our classrooms provide a state of the art fully equipped learning environment. The students work with the latest hard- and software

  • we offer free re-sits. Re-attend the completed course as many times as you like if seats are available.
  • In general, course days are twice a week from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm (3 hours per session).
  • CompuLearn has more than twenty (20) years of experience in organizing IT Training & Certification projects on the local market and online;
  • We provide a wide range of certification  courses through partners in the USA;
  • We can help you with international certifications;
  • Take exams whenever you want;
  • Guidance by experienced trainers;
  • Live and Virtual trainings available with effective study tools;
  • Regular classroom meetings ensure a fixed study rhythm;
  • Small groups led by top teachers from the field;
  • Personal approach with a lot of room for input of your own work situation;
  • Targeted training of skills, interesting presentations and cases;
  • We are also available for questions and give quick answers;
  • Personal and direct guidance;
  • We offer unlimited classes.
  • So if you are a computer user, who wants to learn more about the computer skills we offer like MS Office or QuickBooks, CLICK THIS LINK!
  •   If you are an IT Professional or a career changer, who wants to learn more about the Technical IT skills we offer like Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, Microsoft or VMWare, CLICK THIS LINK!
  • And if you are a Business Professional and power user, who wants to learn more about the power computer skills we offer for business professionals like Adobe or AutoDesk, CLICK THIS LINK!
  • For over 20 years more than 5.000 students

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