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IT Knowledge & Skills That Will Help Boost Your Career

Posted by CompuLearn Global on January 16, 2022

In today’s technologically oriented economy, it’s no surprise that employees with strong computer skills fare better in the job market than their technology challenged counterparts. This trend influences hiring for virtually all jobs, not just technology-centered positions.

If your computer skills aren’t where you’d like them to be, there are many free and low-cost ways to upskill your credentials – and boost your career.

Today you will get an overview of IT knowledge & skills that will help boost your career:

  1. Which IT knowledge & skills do you desire?
  2. A few ways how to take your pick
  3. IT knowledge & skills you need to get around
  4. Ways to improve your core IT knowledge & skills
  5. List your IT knowledge and skills in your curriculum vitae
  6. Reserve Space For IT Knowledge & Skills In Your Resume
  7. More IT Knowledge & Skills For You

Here's why it is important to improve your IT knowledge & skills:

  1. In case you lose your job or your abilities get outdated.
  2. When an opportunity comes along and you don’t have the required certification or diploma.
  3. Make sure that when you are ready to move to another country, you have international certifications required.
  4. To get a second change, before it is too late.
  5. Act before your children are too old to get that good example from their parents.
  6. Become the best version of yourself, before you are retired and you regret you didn’t.
  7. Because you might see your friends and family suffer, while you could have helped and mentored them.
  8. To prevent you stay behind on others who are learning new skills and become the best version of themselves.
  9. To avoid others around you achieve and earn more by investing in themselves, while you are missing out.
  10. To make sure that your staff can compete with the skills from other companies' staff.

How This Blog Will Help You?

  • Find out if this is really what you want.
  • Discover if this is the suitable thing for you to do.
  • Make sure this is the perfect fit for you.
  • Feel if you have what it takes to get into this.
  • To get a better idea if it is worth it for you to invest your time and money in this.

1. Which IT Knowledge & Skills Do You Desire?

If you are in the market for a new job or formulating your professional development plan to position yourself for future career growth, then you should take some time to assess the technology preferences of employers in your field.

Before you start, be aware that there are basic computer and mobile device skills, as well as software skills that employers may expect you have to have. There are some computer skills that every worker needs to have. If you don’t have them, take the time to brush up your skills so you’re a competitive candidate.

What skills do you need? Take the time to do some research to learn about the most in-demand skills for someone with your background and expertise.

2. A Few Ways How to Take You Pick

  • Review job postings for your target position on major job sites like and niche job sites for your industry. Make a list of the tech related qualifications that are cited most often.
  • Review workshop and seminar topics offered through your professional association to identify cutting edge skills. 
  • Consult colleagues in your field and ask them which skills are the most highly valued in their environment.
  • Check LinkedIn to see what skills your connections in similar jobs have on their profiles.

Also review these lists of the top computer skills employers looks for and the top skills to list on LinkedIn to learn what skills employers are seeking in the candidates they hire.

3. IT Knowledge & Skills You Need To Get Around

Here are some computer skills that are prized by employers in a wide variety of sectors.

Basic Computer Skills

Skills vary by job, of course, but there are some basic skills that will help you get hired and boost your chances of getting a promotion. The more skills you have to include on your resume, the easier it will be to find your next new job.

Microsoft Office skills

Virtually all workers have some familiarity with Microsoft Word. However, individuals who can carry out mail merges, modify macro scripts, format documents expertly, and execute other complex functions are most highly recruited. You can get certified in Microsoft Office, which will enhance your resume and marketing to employers.

Spreadsheets skills

Facility with spreadsheet programs, especially Microsoft Excel, is referenced in many job announcements. Candidates who can create complex macros to organize spreadsheet information are in particularly high demand.

PowerPoint skills

A solid grasp of PowerPoint for workers who wish to conduct dynamic presentations or prepare materials for bosses and colleagues is essential. Job candidates who can show employers some attractive examples of presentation slides will often have a leg up in the hiring process.

Microsoft Access skills

Job seekers who can organize and manipulate data through programs like Microsoft Access have an advantage in today’s information-intensive economy.

QuickBooks skills

Many small businesses (and some larger ones) use QuickBooks for accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting and more. If you’re working in an accounting or administrative role, a working knowledge of QuickBooks is definitely an asset.

Email skills

We all use email as part of our personal and professional lives, but those individuals who can perform advanced functions with email programs like Microsoft Outlook can increase office productivity.

Web and Social Media Skills skills

Most organizations are looking to enhance their footprint on the web and within social media. Workers who can maintain and upgrade websites using tools like content management systems, HTML, Dreamweaver, WordPress and Java are very attractive to employers. Candidates who understand how to leverage social media to convey messages about their organization are in high demand.

Graphic and Writing Skills

Knowledge of Photoshop and graphics programs like InDesign and Illustrator enable employees to optimize the look and feel of websites and other communications. Writing skills are also important for many different jobs.

Enterprise Systems skills

Most larger employers utilize enterprise systems like Oracle and PeopleSoft as platforms for their operations. Mastering applications within these systems can enhance your appeal to these types of organizations.

Job Specific Skills

There are many skills that are job dependent. Check out this list of employment skills listed by job to ensure you have the top skills employers are seeking in candidates. Highlight those skills in your job applications to show hiring organizations you have the right stuff to get hired.

4. Ways To Improve Your Core IT Knowledge & Skills

If your skills need refreshing or you need to acquire a new skill set, there are many free courses online you can take to upgrade your skills. Want to start learning computer skills today? Here are 5 free ways develop your IT knowledge and skills to improve your financial situation and boost your marketability.

Be sure to include all the new skills you learn on your resume.

5. List Your IT Knowledge And Skills In Your Curriculum Vitae

When you’re working on your resume and cover letters, take the time to mention the skills you have that are listed in the job posting. Show the employer that you have the skills the company needs. Here’s how to match your qualifications to a job description

6. Reserve Space For IT Knowledge & Skills In Your Resume

An easy way to show employers the computer skills you have is to include them in a separate section at the bottom of your resume. Be sure to focus on the skills you have that are mentioned in the job requirements. For example:

7. More IT Knowledge & Skills For You

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Analytics
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office

More Resume Skills: Employable Computer Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

Write a Skills Section: Here are step-by-step instructions for writing a skills section for your resume.

Review a Sample Resume: Take a look at a sample resume highlighting the candidate’s computer skills.

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