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5 Ways To Develop Your IT Knowledge And Skills To Improve Your Financial Situation

Posted by CompuLearn Global on January 2, 2022

Because technology has turned into an essential resource in the evolution, it has become crucial to have basic IT hardware, software and computer network skills. You can't do without certain basic IT Knowledge & skills if you want to participate to the workforce.

You will be in very high demand if you have the most common IT knowledge & skills on your resume, and if you know how to use the right technology when you’re on the job.

Today you will get 5 ways to develop your IT knowledge and skills to improve your financial situation:

  1. Find out exactly what to learn, before you earn
  2. Get into the basics through free resources online
  3. Gain an elementary understanding of how technology and the internet functions
  4. Learn more and attend a free online computer class
  5. Walk the talk, take your first baby steps and get experience

Here's why it is important to improve your IT knowledge & skills:

  1. In case you lose your job or your abilities get outdated.
  2. When an opportunity comes along and you don’t have the required certification or diploma.
  3. Make sure that when you are ready to move to another country, you have international certifications required.
  4. To get a second change, before it is too late.
  5. Act before your children are too old to get that good example from their parents.
  6. Become the best version of yourself, before you are retired and you regret you didn’t.
  7. Because you might see your friends and family suffer, while you could have helped and mentored them.
  8. To prevent you stay behind on others who are learning new skills and become the best version of themselves.
  9. To avoid others around you achieve and earn more by investing in themselves, while you are missing out.
  10. To make sure that your staff can compete with the skills from other companies' staff.

How This Blog Will Help You?

  • Find out if this is really what you want.
  • Discover if this is the suitable thing for you to do.
  • Make sure this is the perfect fit for you.
  • Feel if you have what it takes to get into this.
  • To get a better idea if it is worth it for you to invest your time and money in this.

1. Find Out Exactly What To Learn, Before You Earn More.

Nowadays we have to divide our time over so many "things to do", which takes sufficient self knowledge in order to find out who you are, why you are here and how you can reach your "why". Once you know you "why", it will be clear which knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your "why". If it turns out your "why" is helping people with IT technology, we might be able to help you. To find out what employers in your field are looking for, analyzing the job description of your ideal role in society, is a great way, as well as the resources you should know how to use.

Tip: The requirements specification paragraph of a job description will help you to acquire this information.

Having conversations with people from your line of work can contribute to find out what kind knowledge and skills they have and which tools they are using on a daily basis. Just ask them a few questions and you will find out.

Another way to find out what you need to get into the necessary technology is to search on the Internet. If you want to know about tools for IT Managers, for example, you might want to search for “IT Management Software.” Then read through the results if you can find what you are looking for. The software review company Capterra, might also help you to find the right tools to support you in your profession.

Here are a few more lists of skills you can check out and which are independent of your specialization:
- List of top computer skills
- Best skills to include on your resume.

2. Get Into The Basics Through Free Resources Online.

You can find a lot of free stuff online that can help you get the fundamentals to understand Windows and/or Mac computers, before you specialize in your knowledge & skills. You can find useful instructions on websites like Lifewire,

You can check out local skill training events in organizations like your library, community colleges, your chamber of commerce, your department of economic affairs and local associations. Also an Apple store near you can provide you with free Mac courses.

With Microsoft Office skills & Certifications you can add value to many organizations and improve your curriculum vitae, if you are an office worker.

3. Get An Elementary Understanding Of How Technology And The Internet Functions.

To provide you with other ways to get into technology and find out how the Internet can help you reach your goals, here is a list of a few free online IT knowledge & skills trainings that can get you started:

4. Learn More And Attend A Free Online Computer Class.

You can utilize a lot of physical and virtual information. Obvious resources are your library, community colleges, your chamber of commerce, your department of economic affairs and local associations. But you can also browse around on Meetup or Eventbrite for learning events or groups.

YouTube provides you with a lots of free instruction videos. Other sites where you can find learning materials and classes are Coursera, EdX and Class-Central. You will be able to search free, starter classes on Khan Academy, Codecademy, and Free Code Camp.

Tip: Here’s a general list of CompuLearnGlobal online computer classes you can us to choose from.

5. Walk The Talk, Take You First Baby Steps And Get Experience.

If you have found a job opportunity where they require certain experience with apps you can try to get into it in a short term. So, if for instance you need to be able to operate Zoom, a video conferencing tools or Calendly an appointment scheduling tool, you can search for instruction videos and try out how these tools work and understand them better.

Be as resourceful as you can be with this. You can do this with al kinds of tools like Skype, Verisign, Payoneer, Wise, Trello, Hubspot, etc.

There are also lots of ways to get into certain skills to sign up for competitions through 99Designs, or solicit gigs on Fiverr.

If you're required proficiency with an app you need to acquire, then find out if you can get a presentation or a video instruction session. This way you will get an overview and understand more about what you are talking about in your job interview.

It's always best to tell the truth about your knowledge and skills. You can always tell them that you are a quick learner and that you are always eager to get into new stuff.

Bonus tip: Does your company offer training facilities as fringe benefits?

If your company has an education budget for their employees, you can enter low-budget Training & Certification tracks – LinkedIn Learning is an example of that.

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